Komatsu America Corp. introduced the BX50 forklift, with internal combustion cushion and pneumatic tires. The BX50 blends power, performance and operator comfort, providing the operator with the tools to handle the toughest applications with maximized efficiency and productivity. Offering excellent maneuverability and handling ease, the BX50 is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The BX50 comes with standard features which include low center of gravity, dual floating structure cushions the drive components and operator cabin for greater operator comfort and greatly reduced vibration, KOPS Plus that locks out lift and travel when the operator leaves the seat, advanced hydraulic system with tandem pump design enables efficient lifting without accelerating the engine.

There are some improvements in this model which include redesigned clean powerful engines and transmission. The redesigned diesel engine meets EPA Tier 3/EPA Interim Tier 4. Advanced counterweight design increases airflow into the engine compartment while greatly reducing exhaust gas flow into the operator's face during rearward driving. Machine has extended service intervals, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Source: Main Pump