In Australia the state Government of New South Wales is setting out plans to upgrade the M5 corridor. This 32km link provides the main road freight, passenger and commercial route between Port Botany and Sydney Airport and south west Sydney. Plans being considered include widening the M5 East Freeway east of King Georges Road to four lanes and widening the M5 South West Motorway to three from two lanes. The plan also suggests providing a new four lane arterial road from the M5 East tunnels to Sydney Airport and other industrial areas nearby, and providing four new lanes in tunnels next to the existing M5 East tunnel. Meanwhile in Victoria State planning work is now in hand on a new bridge over the Murray River in Swan Hill. The clearance procedure is now underway and being carried out by the state road and traffic authority Vicroads. The technical assessments on the alignment have been completed, while work to adopt the corridor into council planning initiatives is also being launched. The project has now been approved by all the relevant local authorities

Source: World Highways