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About Wear strips

Wear strips - the Wear Plate Lasting for a Long Time

Wear strips maximise the wear performance of your products and machines.

Depending on the situation, the service life is doubled, tripled or even multiplied by ten.

Wear strips enable your applications to withstand the worst possible damage

and abuse from rocks, sand, scraps, minerals, waste and other hostile materials.

The service life of Wear strips is also very predictable. Due to the consistent pro-

perties,it performs the same every time. So you can easily forecast its wear life and plan

your operations accordingly.

Less Weight,More Productivity

For many applications - such as trucks, buckets and containers - extra weight is bad

for business. It means lower pay-load and higher expenses for fuel, tyres, tariffs, and

taxes.Often there are also weight regulations to consider. Wear strips just takes this into con-


Wear strips reduce the weight of your application. The unique combination of hard-

ness, toughness and structural strength makes it possible to use thinner plates and ach-

ieve the same durability. Using thinner Wear strips can also enable you to build

bigger carrying devices that take larger loads.

Any interest in the Wear strips,please contact our sales for more details.

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