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JCB 190 II windscreen

JCB 190 II windscreen

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Product Name: JCB 190 II windscreen
Availability: In Stock
Brand: JCB
Series: parts
Model: 190 II
Supplier: A&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Windscreens for  190 II
The windscreen/windshield/cab glass for 190 II is
well provided here.
1.Processed by heating common glass to
softening point and then cooling it down quickly;
2.The mechanical strength is about 4-5 times
stronger than normal glass of same thickness;
3.Breakage hurts reduced: when breakage
occurs, the glass disintegrated into countless classic tiny harmless pieces;
4.Wonderful performance in rigorous and
demanding environment;
5.Incorporates sun blind;
6.Safe package for long-distance sea delivery.
You will find yourself a piece of proper windscreen/windshield/cab
glass for your
190 II, by contacting our sales representatives.
Besides windscreens/windshields/cab
glasses, other spare parts for
190 II are supplied, such as the buckets, bucket teeth,
undercarriage parts, hydraulic pumps, valves, and so on