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DEERE CT332 Standard forearm

DEERE CT332 Standard forearm

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Product Name: DEERE CT332 Standard forearm
Availability: In Stock
Brand: DEERE
Series: parts
Model: CT332
Supplier: A&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Standard Forearm for CT332

    The standard forearm with improvement is supplied for CT332.

Features of the Standard Forearm Offered

  Firstly, with proper selection of materials and thickness after analyzing the stress concentration part through FEM assisted by CAD system.
  Secondly, the inside buffer plate is used to support tensile loads, which will prolong the lifetime of the arm and also the excavators.
  Thirdly, ultrasound wave inspection is applied to check faulty welding points during the inspection.
  Finally, in order to further ensure the machine reliability, lots of operating trials have been conducted under different working sites.

    Besides standard forearm, we also provide other parts for CT332, like undercarriage parts, engine parts, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, turbochargers, transmission parts, cylinders for boom/arm/bucket, filters, buckets and bucket wear parts, and so on.