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About tooth points

Tooth Points

Tooth Points for Buckets

    Tooth points take a crucial part in the tooth systems either for excavators or loaders or 

bulldozers as they wears the most during the excavations and loadings. When a right tooth 

point is selected,the excavation or loading efficiency would be increased and maintanance 

cost will be cut down as well.

To get a right tooth point for your buckets,you have to know:

   The material to be handled

   The tooth adapter to be fit

Tooth Points for Different Applications

 Ø Standard tooth points for smooth quarry floors or foundation excavations.

 Ø Heavy-duty tooth points for tough applications,such as for rocks,limestone,etc..

 Ø Extra Heavy-duty tooth points for hot slag and the similar working conditions.

Tooth Points for Different Machines

 Ø Tooth Points for Excavators

 Ø Tooth Points for Loaders

 Ø Tooth Points for Electric Shovels

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