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About bucket tooth

Bucket Tooth

    No matter what kind of machine you own,an excavator,a loader,a bulldozer,a electric 

shovel,a dragline,there is a suitable bucket tooth system for you machine in A&S.

Bucket Tooth Systems

 Ø ESCO excavator tooth systems

 Ø Hensley excavator tooth systems

 Ø One-piece excavator tooth systems

Bucket Tooth Features:

l Superior designs

l Excellent wear-resistant materals

l Different kinds of tooth system for selection

l Fit for all applications,including earth,sands,limestone,gold mines and hot slag

l Best choice for value

Other Available Bucket teeth:



    A&S bucket tooth systems are designed to protect your equipment from impact and high 

abrasion wear, resulting in reduced equipment downtime, extended wear life and greater cost 


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